The Apollo X Foundation

SOS Headquarters – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Sisters came from Europe to America in 1912. After a lot of moving around, Apollo eventually purchased a hotel/casino in Las Vegas where he established a permanent residence for the Sisters – the Sisters of the Sapphire Headquarters – in 1950.

For most of history, the Sisters had moved freely about Europe, Africa and Asia without much of a problem. And even in the U.S., prior to WW II, there was little if any trouble doing what they had been established to do. This was mainly because the supernatural (and aliens) kept themselves shrouded in as much darkness and secrecy as possible, which was easy because communication from country to country, or even person to person, was far less extent, not to mention extremely slow. No matter what country it was, for the most part the people as a whole simply didn’t know what was going on outside the ordinary.

But that started to change just before, during and after the great wars. Fast worldwide communication not only became possible but proficient. Hence, strange and weird happenings were not quite so easily kept under wraps. Granted, the people may not have always believed what they read and heard, but they could no longer say they had never read or heard it.
And many more than before had even started seeing it.

It was getting harder and harder for the Sisters to move freely within this newly enlightened world. And when governments of countries started getting involved and antsy, Apollo knew he had to do something to keep it easy for the Sisters to do their job. So he went to those governments and made deals. One of the biggest deals was made with the United States after the Korean War. President Dwight D. Eisenhower was more than happy to attach Apollo and his team as a private division to the F.B.I. (in other words, they truly worked on X files! They were not Special Agents like Scully and Mulder, but instead were considered “deputized consultants of the paranormal.”) Later, during President George W. Bush’s administration, Team Apollo was inconspicuously placed under the Department of Homeland Security as the Apollo X Foundation.

The Headquarters in Vegas is the main operational center. Apollo later established 12 small, remote operations centers in various cities around the world: Niagara Falls, London, Athens, Helsinki, Cairo, Cape Town, Taipei, Manila, Sydney, Tokyo, Nassau and Rio de Janeiro.

These op-centers were created to monitor alien/supernatural activity in their respective areas on the planet. They also keep watch over the young women pre-selected by The Seeker, who are slated to someday possibly become replacement members in the Sisterhood.
To the world, the Apollo X Foundation is a private security firm. Very few know of its attachment to Homeland Security, which is exactly the way Apollo likes it.