About The Sisters of the Sapphire

The Sisters Of The Sapphire are six artistic, influential, magic wielding soldier-type females: Femasiria, Euphoria, Saqqara, Pandora, Chandria and Angelina.

As agents of The Apollo X Foundation, these “Sisters” are modern-day warriors against the supernatural; In other words, they’re demon hunters, vampire slayers, alien eradicators – whatever you want to call them; although otherwise they’re just ordinary young women in their twenties. Each member of the Sisters serves for 5 years after which she is replaced. The replacing member takes the name of the former Sister.

is their stage name, for they travel the world incognito as a female singing/magic performing group. Hence, “Sisters of the Sapphire” & “Sapphyria” are interchangeable.

With the Greek god Apollo as their leader, the Sisters’ primary duty is to protect a large sapphire gem, which Pandora carries within a purse-like box strapped to her shoulder. The gem possesses great magical powers and is the basis of all magic in the universe as it was created by Hecate, the Greek goddess of Magic & Witchcraft, and contains the bulk of Hecate’s goddess powers. The Sisters primarily defend this sapphire from their arch-nemesis, a human/demon/vampire hybrid and former general of Hades’ demonic army, named Carnivean.

Moreover, the Sisters of the Sapphire are on a never-ceasing mission to recover the witchcraft portion of the sapphire. Witchcraft was stolen by an enchantress named Paratra, who touched a sapphire ring to the big stone causing a full withdrawal. Resultantly, Paratra became the sorceress Llorona, and Carnivean’s lover. Llorona eventually passed the ring down to her elder daughter, who later lost it during an underwater fight with the mermaid Selina, a former friend of the Sisters. It is the Sisters’ intent to find the ring, now referred to as The Oracle of Wicca, and return witchcraft back to its proper place within the sapphire.